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История знакомства [12 Jun 2016|08:45am]
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Бесплатные сексзнакомства в воронеже [23 Aug 2012|05:15pm]

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[04 Apr 2005|12:29am]

Hey guys, new video!! *grins* This one is dedicated to the very sexy men of Passions, its fun and sexy, check it out and let me know what u think!! :-D....Also I have tons of ideas for more, but feel free to leave suggestions, whether it be Charaters, couples, or even just songs. IF they sound interesting and I can do them, it'll be fun :)

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[14 Mar 2005|12:03am]

Anyone know where i can get good Nick video clips....like music videos, interviews, and live stuff??? I used to have a ton, but I lost them all and cant find the site i got them from *pouts*. Ive looked around, but cant find any. I would really appreciate some help, please?
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[18 Jan 2005|04:04pm]

So Becca thinks we should update more, and well I agree, so Im going through my photobucket, looking for a few sexy pictures to post...Enjoy!

Sexy men inside!Collapse )
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[18 Jan 2005|05:03am]

Hello everybody. Just a little hello from one of your friendly mods. This community has been lacking for a long time. But Terrie and I are trying to get on top of getting more members...and actually posting interesting news and pictures about everyone's favorite topic here at Hump Island...sexy men. So expect to hear from us again soon.

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[01 Sep 2004|04:26am]

Hello. I just created a new community, it's an Angel/Fred pairing community. I was looking around and realized there weren't any, so I decided to do it myself :-D....Please, please, please join!!! *Giggles* Nope, I'm not afraid to beg lol.

SO yea, please join pylean_paradise

Here's a fun photo, just for added insentive :-D
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[21 Jul 2004|03:41pm]

I made more icons, its fun and addictive lol. Go look!

Click me! Click me!Collapse )
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[09 Jul 2004|03:38am]

I made new Icons, feel free to come look...

Click Me! Click Me!
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Icons... [16 Jun 2004|05:33pm]

Hey I just posted a ton of new icons over at My Journal feel free to come and look.
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[30 May 2004|10:24pm]

New Photos of Snape from the Alan Rickman Guest Book by UK photographer, Keith Mayhew!!!Collapse )

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[19 May 2004|01:05am]

I made lots of Pretty icons!!!! All are over at My Journal
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[18 Apr 2004|03:29am]

Hmmm... read in one of the communities that Alan might have straightened and whitened his teeth or something recently. Just watched Truly Madly Deeply again so made a note of it and I think he did do some repairing, especially to the bottom row, which in the film, has a broken/chipped/stunted tooth right in middle and it all seems pretty crowded. Anyway, that's just some trivia... I still love him. Haha.

Oh yah, does anyone know if smokes? I mean, not just know how to smoke but makes a habit out of it?

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[11 Apr 2004|11:06pm]

I posted a ton of icons at My journal come look!..Feel free to use just comment and credit. Thanx, hope you like.
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[20 Mar 2004|12:58am]

I just made these, thought I would share. :-D

too sexy

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[14 Mar 2004|06:08am]


I don't know if you guys have seen this before, but I just can't get enough of those lovely hands and the whole gorgeous pose.

p.s. does anyone know when, where or for what this was taken?

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[11 Mar 2004|11:58pm]

"Lance Bass of *NSYNC responded to reports about what happened when he got a tattoo and people said he ran out of the place crying. Bass wrote on the message boards at NSYNC.com: "Tatoo or Tattoo? I dont know how to spell!! Ok here is the scoop!! That [Us Weekly] article was a total lie! [Joey Fatone], [Chris Kirkpatrick], and I went to the opening of the new shop and I asked the guy to give me a freckle on my wrist as a joke because I didn't want to get another big tattoo (I have 7!). I wanted to remember the occasion so that's why I wanted a freckle, and it would be funny. So thats what happened, no I didn't scream and run out crying! LOL. That's my peace... I WANT A RETRACTION!!! lol.""
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Lance Bass' Tattoo From Hell [09 Mar 2004|01:41pm]

Us Weekly reports Lance Bass bolted from the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company parlor in the Palms hotel on February 26th when it was his turned to get branded, but his *NSYNC bandmates Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone grabbed him and held him down when the tattoo artist began work on his right hand. As soon as the needle made contact with Bass he screamed, "Ow! That hurts. I changed my mind!" He took off running again, this time for good. He later told the magazine while pointing at his hand, "See that dot? That's my tattoo."

Lmao I thought this was soo funny, this will totally be me lol.
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[10 Mar 2004|01:09am]


I re-watched Sense and Sensibility again last night with the new DVD. Gosh. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think of all his film roles Colonel Brandon suits Alan Rickman the best. Not just in appearance but also in manner. Rickman's acting really shines here although he is not the leading star here. It broke my heart to see his expression whenever Marianne rejects him openly or brushes him off and did you guys notice that little smile that lit his whole face when Marianne finally thanked him for saving her???!!! I was going to faint! Haha...

Oh yah, I was surfing around at another community and someone asked why Alan Rickman was considered to be a sex appeal to so many people, and his argument that if he was considered to be "The Thinking Woman's Sex Symbol", then it couldn't be his physical appearance that appeals to us. I told him/her that Alan's probably one of the few actors who needn't have classic good looks nor a hunky physique to lure women into his chambers (haha), and it's also precisely that which sets him apart. Don't you agree?

And of course, a little reward for listening to my ranting.Collapse )

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[06 Mar 2004|05:42am]


This may be a weeee bit out ot point... but I would like to know how many guys are there here who like Alan Rickman?

It could be *like* or just admiring. Doesn't matter, don't be shy boys, hit me and tell me!

p.s. state reason too k?

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